Monday, July 30, 2012

Pa-Review-Review Pa!: Star Cinema's "The Healing"

I decided to make my first movie review, since I want to show my appreciation and critics about the movie. Pa-Film Critic baga! LOL. Star Cinema just released another Chito Rono horror film starring the Star For All Seasons, Vilma Santos. The movie also stars Kim Chiu and Martin del Rosario with Janice de Belen, Pokwang, Chris Villanueva, Ynez Veneracion, Abby Bautista and more. Here are some of my thoughts about "The Healing" (some spoilers alert.)

What I Like About "The Healing":
                 Chito Rono made "Bawi" from his not so good horror movie "T2". You will think of the "sumpa" and the "who's next" plot from "Feng Shui", which added thrill in watching the movie. I like the opening credits/title. Vilma Santos did a great job in leading the movie, she deserves another horror film. The additional cast also did a great job, they never outshine each other, stand outs are Ynez Veneracion who is good in each of her lines and Abby Bautista, who played Janice de Belen's blind daughter Kakay. Abby did  very memorable scenes especially her "killing spree", for me it's the equivalent of Lotlot de Leon's death scene in "Feng Shui". That's how memorable Abby in this movie. Another good thing about "The Healing" is the more pinoy vibe of the story, like our beliefs in faith healers and alternative medicines. It's not derived from any asian horror movies or plot (I think). The story telling is also good plus each death scenes were nicely done.

What I Don't Like Much:
                I find the special CG effects corny. Maganda na eh alam mo yun? until the scenes where you can see some CG's. The eyes CG effects are nicely done but some are not especially like the electrocuted spirit, the burning of Pokwang and Ynez's tongue during her death scene. I really don't want pinoy horror movies to rely much on CG effects, stick to the storyline and scaring audience through nicely done scenes, Kim Chiu's character is also confusing, her sudden change of character mood is questionable, It made me think that it was only put there to give her a chance to have a confrontation scene with Vilma.One thing you will also noticed throughout the film is the "Color schemes", sometimes it's misleading like the all white chapter, it made me think that they are all part of a religious group and Vilma is their leader, or Vilma owns a health clinic or something. And the all blue chapter made me think of elections and campaigns. I just think the color scheme is too much, it can make you lose focus in the story.

Over-all the movie was a great watch, I highly recommend it. This is one of the few Pinoy horror films to see. Congratulations to Star Cinema and to Direk Chito Rono in bringing back his "horror power".


Anonymous said...

its now on its 100Million mark and still growing.
Thanks for the review. like it.

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Thanks Much!! :D

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