Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pa-Review-Review Pa!: 'Four Sisters and a Wedding' is a Must See

Watched it during it's opening day, I can say that it was successful, a lot of moviegoers supported the movie. 'Four Sisters and a Wedding' stars Bea Alonzo and Toni Gonzaga and Angel Locsin with Shaina Magdayao and Enchong Dee. I liked the movie, it was a well done film by Cathy Garcia-Molina. I love how family oriented the movie was and how they treated the cast's exposures despite the big names included in this film.

          Toni Gonzaga: Among the four sisters, she is the character that you will fall in love with. Toni successfully portrayed the role and even provided the best punchlines and memorable lines like 'Options! Options! Options!' and 'Sabi Ko na May Tinatagong Baho ang mga Bay-Ag na Yan eh!'. Even her scenes with Janus del Prado (who is also commendable in this movie) are fun to see. Her dramatic climax was also good and was delivered naturally. 
          Bea Alonzo: Her character is the most complex of all, the one that has all the issues, thus made her kinda the antagonist. But no, Bea is the one with the most challenging role, the one with the longest lines to deliver and the one who should make justice in every stylish outfits she had in this movie. Her character is the one that you will hate to love and love to hate. I liked her dramatic climax as well and my fave is her final confrontation with Angel (video below) she nailed it, a must see scene.


        Shaina Magdayao: With lack of storyline, Shaina never had a shining moment, but  the consistency in her character is what you will remember. How she used voice modulation to portray the character well and her natural way of delivering her lines are also commendable. She is believable as an old maid. Her scene towards the ends is one of the most touching scenes in the entire film.

          Angel Locsin: I don't agree with some reviews telling that Angel has the least exposure. For me all of them are equally given a highlight, a dramatic climax and a memorable scene. With Angel Locsin, she never failed to impress me. Her character is the one you will root for. Most relatable and the one with most memorable one liners.  She also managed to make a dramatic scene cut to a comedic one, like that scene where in the four of them are fighting then Coney Reyes arrived. She also has the most number of memorable scenes. The gas station alone where she took a bath is memorable enough, She also has two memorable scenes with Bea alone, one with Coney Reyes, one with her 'three sisters' and my fave was the 'Resbak' scene with Mocha and Bernard Palanca.

         Chill lang si Enchong sa film na'to but his confrontation scene with her sisters was delivered well. Coney Reyes is also good as the mother of the five siblings, she brought the heart in this movie. Even supporting characters like Vangie Labalan, Joy Viado and Carmi Martin (who is a total charm in this movie) are fun to watch. You will also noticed a lot of Rebisco products, well it's because it is also the brand's anniversary and they are the main product sponsor of the film, but the good thing is it's not a Rebisco product barrage, the endorsement never upstaged the film and was even used cleverly to be part of the storyline. Cathy Garcia-Molina did great in this Family Rom-Com. She proved that she can handle a big film with big names on it and that she can create a very beautiful film that the whole family will love. You will like 'Four Sisters and a Wedding'  and will go home with a smile on your face and you will find yourself tweeting about it. Don't forget to VISIT and LIKE my Facebook page HERE. Chow!

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