Monday, September 9, 2013

'Tinik' Full Trailer

The Sineng Pambansa Film Festival ‘All Masters Edition’ is coming this week and there are a lot of interesting films to catch. One of them is Romy V. Suzara’s ‘Tinik’.  This gay themed film is a refreshing take on gay indie films. Yes, gay indie films had lay lowed for a while because of some non-sense gay themed movies. But  Direk Romy Suzara is determined to bring it back with a nice storyline and a good touch of drama. ‘Tinik’ stars Ricardo Cepeda, Alexis Navarro & Lemuel Pelayo. Sineng Pambansa Film Festival is exclusive only to SM Cinemas and ‘Tinik’ will have its run from September 11-17. Check out ‘Tinik’ trailer below and don’t forget to sound-off your thoughts!

video upload credits to YouTube: dalebacar.


Anonymous said...

san pwede madownload yung full movie nito?

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