Wednesday, May 7, 2014

'Nino' A New Inspirational Teleserye from GMA

'Nino' is GMA 7's upcoming teleserye that promised to inspire a lot of televiewers. It stars GMA Artist Center's home grown talents Julian Trono, Bianca Umali, Renz Valerio, David Remo and Miguel Tanfelix. It is a story of 'Nino' played by Miguel Tanfelix, a mentally challenge kid who will find a special friendship with a younger kid (David Remo) to whom he shares the same name, they call each other 'Katukayo' and together the two of them will help each other in touching people's lives and inspire them to either strengthen or bring back their faith in god. Little did 'Nino' know, his younger friend has a little secret, he is the blessed Sto.Nino (young Jesus Christ). How will 'Nino' and 'Nino' fulfill their missions and how will they touch people's lives?

Julian Trono:
Miguel Tanfelix:
 Bianca Umali:
 Renz Valerio:

'Nino' also stars GMA Artist Center's home grown talents namely Julian Trono, who will play a kontrabida for the first time, Bianca Umali, Renz Valerio, Tom Rodriguez, Katrina Halili, Lotlot de Leon, Danter Rivero and Ms.Gloria Romero. Check out photos of our bloggerscon HERE and the webisode of DChatbox with Miguel Tanfelix HERE.

video upload and screengrab credits to YouTube: GMAnetwork.


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