Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Viveika Ravanes: Thankful for 'Be Careful with My Heart' and Gears Up for the 'I Heart You 2' Concert

Funny lady Viveika Ravanes AKA 'Sabel' in the hit morningserye 'Be Careful with My Heart' is very happy in the state of her career right now. As she mentioned recently during the show's thanksgiving press con. 'Be Careful with My Heart' is now celebrating it's 2nd year anniversary and Sabel is so proud that the show is still doing well. She is so thankful for the show because it helped her in many ways, career wise and financially not just that, she is also proud to be part of the BCWMH family because the show provides 'good vibes' and inspirations to it's viewers. 

And to give back to their avid followers, 'Be Careful with My Heart' is going to have a free concert at the Araneta Coliseum this coming July 25, 2014. The whole 'Be Careful with My Heart' family will be there to provide happiness and love with lots of dance and song numbers. Entitled 'I Heart You 2' the 'Be Careful with My Heart' Anniversary Thanksgiving Concert,this is projected to fill the whole Araneta dome with screaming fans and loving supporters. Watch my webisode of DChatbox with Viveika below as Sabel talked more about how thankful she is with 'Be Careful with My Heart' and more. To see my 'I Heart You 2' interview with Doris go HERE and with Janella Salvador HERE, also see photos from the press con HERE.

Jodi Sta.Maria & Viveika Ravanes:

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