Sunday, August 10, 2014

'Cinemalaya Movies for Free' Enraged the Philippine Showbizlandia

Cinemalaya movies from the year 2012-2013 (not Cinemalaya X films) were uploaded on YouTube and even embedded on the Cinemalaya website. Past Cinemalaya films from Jason Laxamana's 'Babagwa' to Hannah Espia's 'Transit', 'Ang Katiwala', 'Diablo', 'Intoy Syokoy' and more were viewed (and maybe even downloaded). Films were vulnerable for a long period of moment and this made Cinemalaya filmmakers angry. They felt betrayed, most of these contributors to the Philippine Cinema brought their enrage through social media platforms. 

Hannah Espia said 'I AM VERY ANGRY' while Jerrold Tarog said 'What a dick move, Cinemalaya. After all the support we've given. Sorry pero bastusan na ito.' Jason Laxamana commented 'Nakakasira ng gabi' and Phil Dy called Cinemalaya 'Cinemadaya'.

Even netizen's were dissapointed about this news, even I, when the first time I read about 'Watch Cinemalaya Movies for Free' I said 'What the...?!', is this true? But bthen again, it was. 

A certain Janssen Agbada uploaded over 20 full length movies on her personal YouTube account and embedded it on the Cinemalaya website. Janssen was recognized to be a member of the technical staff. The YouTube account is now down and Cinemalaya released an official statement about it. See below.

Hopefully, We Can Hear a More Detailed and Acceptable Speech Later at the Cinemalaya X Awards Night. But Will Filmmakers Attend the Ceremony After What Happened?

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