Saturday, August 30, 2014

'Pure Love' Continues to Soar

One of the most watched teleserye this year is 'Pure Love', a remake of the hit Korean drama '49 Days'. The Filipino version stars Alex Gonzaga, Joseph Marco, Arjo Atayde, Matt Evans and Yen Santos. The said teleserye started strong in the ratings game, beating it's rival shows from several networks. And now, 'Pure Love' continues to soar high in the ratings game and expected to do more because of the upcoming events that will unfold in 'Pure Love'. New characters were added and new plots were revealed. 

I went to the set of 'Pure Love' recently with fellow bloggers and had a chat with the cast namely Alex, Arjo, Matt and Joseph. The four obviously has good working relationship as the four of them joke around and supported the answers of their co-stars. Arjo is the serious one, he was focus in his character and concentrates on improving the development of his character. Matt and Alex are the funny ones, they love to play around with their answers and insert jokes whenever there's a chance and Joseph Marco is the hot one, this Cosmo hunk and star of the current hit 'Talk Back and You're Dead' answered all the questions straight forward and never lose the smile in his gorg face. Lead star Alex Gonzaga enthusiastically gave us details from her upcoming self-help book where in she will share all her love advices and love anecdotes.

I watch 'Pure Love' every now and then but every time I had the chance it always made me glued to my TV and hide the remote. The cliffhanger ending this week was a 'Bitin' one and next week will be more intense and feiry! Catch 'Pure Love' daily before TV Patrol.

Video credits to YouTube: niceguyitachi.


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