Thursday, September 4, 2014
Thursday, September 04, 2014

Why #ITrustU Uratex

Bed is one of my favorite furniture in our house. We are not that rich so me and my family will share the same bed during sleeping time. It may look difficult or uncomfortable for some but for me it was one of the best part of the day. Not just that our Uratex bed is comfortable, I always had the chance to hug my mom and sleep beside her. She will hug me back and that will result to a goodnight sleep. 

Uratex has been part of our life and throughout the years we only changed bed less than five times! That's why #ITrustU Uratex because I know that you will last long and everytime I lay my tired body unto you, you will give me a long relaxing sleep. And I may sleep alone, I will always be reminded the memory of me hugging my mom in the comfort of your soft and loving matress. 


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