Friday, September 12, 2014

Jodi Sta.Maria Admits Taking Slimming Pills

As one of today's much sought-after actress and busy as a mother to Thirdy, Jodi Sta.Maria doesn' have time to go to the gym. But you may wonder how Jodi maintain her figure? What's her secret?

The star of 'Be Careful with My Heart' admits that she is taking slimming pills. With proper diet and much discipline, Jodi takes two capsules of slimming pills a day. She uses Cosmo Body, Jodi admitted that she is taking Cosmo Body slimming pills for three years now, Cosmo Body is the country's premiere health and weight loss supplement. Jodi Sta.Maria is also the endorser of Cosmo Body for two years now. 

Jodi takes Cosmo Body but still follow a healthy diet and at least few minutes of cardio excercise a day. She is now in her ideal weight of 110 lbs. Cosmo Body is a blend of two powerful fat-burning teas, Green tea (EGCG) and L-Carnitine that are good for overall health and is deemed effective in increasing metabolism and energy, which leads to weight loss. Cosmo Body increases the body's energy expenditures and the amount of energy spent during physical activity.

Jodi Sta.Maria noticed the effects of Cosmo Body to her in just after eight days. Nino Bautista and Red Gatus founders of BFPC, the makers of Cosmo Body explains that the polyphenols in Cosmo Body promotes Thermogenesis, a natural process in which body fat is converted to energy. This results for users to have more energy while shedding unwanted weight.

For Jodi Sta.Maria, Cosmo Body helped her to become sexy. And she believed that having a fit and healthy body is the new sexy. Personally, I now have my first bottle of Cosmo Body and will try out and see for myself if Cosmo Body will help me lose some weight. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Dsweetbox and subscribe to my YouTube channel!


Jullia Grace said...

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