Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kapuso Birthdays: Miguel Tan Felix Gives Back

You may remember him as the very cute 'Pagaspas' in Mulawin years ago but today, he is popularly known as 'Nino'. Miguel Tan Felix came a long way but his hunger for greatness as an actor is still burning. Miguel has 'Nino' to thank for his popularity, the defunct drama series gave him a spot in Philippine showbiz and with that success, Miguel still know how to give back.

Recently, the young Kapuso actor celebrated his birthday in a charitable way. As a tribute to his character 'Nino' who was a special child with a heart of an angel, Miguel visited Dr.Jose P. Rizal Elementary School and spent time with the 'Special Education' students there.

The students were screaming when Miguel entered the event and they kept on shouting 'Nino'. Miguel felt an overwhelming appreciation and gave them a song number. Miguel's good friend Renz Valerio was also there as Miguel's guest. The two showcased their dancing skills and danced-along with the SpED students. Hosted by Tess Bomb, Miguel played games with them and even brought his 'Nino' character with him as he play with them. Miguel also distribured the food himself to each students as well as the gifts he had for them, with his friend Renz to help out.

Truly, it was a memorable birthday for Miguel which was made possible by BUM Equipment, BS Mobile, Active White, Sundance, Monreo Biscuits and GMA Artist Center. You can catch Miguel Tan Felix and Renz Valerio in 'Ismol Family' every Sunday night only on GMA Network. To know what's next in line for Miguel watch the video below. Happy Birthday Miguel! More success to you!


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