Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pa-Review Review Pa!: Laugh, Cry and Laugh Harder in 'The Gifted'

'Intelligence is the New black and smart is the new sexy.' that is just one of the many fabulous lines that you will learn from the movie 'The Gifted', Viva Films' latest offering, A film by Chris Martinez and stars Cristine Reyes, Sam Milby and Anne Curtis.

Zoe (Anne) and Aika (Cristine) are the best of friends and also the each others competition. They grew up to be the best students but never had any friends aside each other. When heartthrob Mark (Sam) transferred to their school, academically pressured Zoe found a way to finally beat Aika. How will love break their friendship and will these 'gifted' girls conquer the 'test of friendship'?

Anne Curtis- She is the main character you will glue your eyes on. Anne suits the fat look very well and she played the character in perfection. I love all her lines, Anne is the one who delivered all the fab and memorable lines. She made Zoe an instant classic. When she transformed into the very fierce and sexy Zoe, Anne embodied the true meaning of 'mean girl'. Anne made me root for Zoe instead of Aika! 

Cristine Reyes- I liked to see that Cristine truly embodied being ugly, I didn't noticed any awkwardness and lousy portrayal. She also managed to give equally good acting performance. Her chemistry with Anne never fails, the two of them should do more movies together.

Sam Milby- He is in full blast in terms of comedy in this movie. I've never seen Sam this funny, although I'm not sure if he used his real voice during the 'Visayan Mark' phase, Sam still managed to convinced me that it was him. As always, Sam is uber hot and there's no shortage of shirtless Sam Milby. I like the twist of his character at the end so you should wait for the post-ending credits!

My Fave Scenes:
- I love all the Aika and Zoe scenes (wait, that's almost the entire film! Haha!) The chemistry between Anne and Cristine is no doubt a formula for box-office.

-I like the locker room scene of Zoe and Aika's Rubic's cube portrait.

- The kissing scenes between Mark and ugly Aika was full of laughs.

- My fave of all was when Zoe & Aika met at the Japanese restaurant. From Zoe's entrance with the 'not really a Japanese lady' to the 'flaming' bridge scene was great to watch.

- The childhood phase of Zoe and Aika was a nice build-up for the film, a good watch before we see the grown-up girls.

- I love the fight scenes with Zoe & Aika. Another one that is full of feisty lines. Not to mention the HOT couture gowns!

- Make sure to wait for the post-ending credits. You may thought you know what happened but you have no idea!

Over-all, 'The Gifted' is a great watch! No dull moments, no lousy acting, no BS! Anne, Sam, Cristine and director Chris Martinez will never disappoint you, worth the money! You will surely laugh, cry and laugh harder while watching the film. Kudos to Viva Films for producing such a wonderful black comedy movie. 'The Gifted' is an instant classic. Make sure you bring your bestfriends in watching this one. Graded B by the Cinema Evaluation Board, 'The Gifted' is now showing nationwide!

Video upload ang photo courtesy of Viva Films.


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