Thursday, September 25, 2014

Paulo Avelino is the CEO of Cosmo Tower 69

It was a night full of fine men. The Cosmo Bash was a success and a lot of it's viewers went home happy (like me!). One of the hottest that night was Paulo Avelino, the CEO of Cosmo Tower embodied Christian Grey of '50 Shades of Grey'. With his sadistic stare and bossy moves, Paulo successfully portrayed Christian Grey tonight. When he pulled out that belt, in a moment I was expecting him to spank me with it!

Looks like Paulo was also satisfied with his Cosmo work tonight as he posted a photo (above) on his Instagram account with a caption: 'Thank You'. Watch the video of Paulo Avelino's Cosmo Bash 2014 catwalk below and don't forget to sound-off your commenta! Follow me on Twitter & IG: @Dsweetbox

Other photos credits to ig owners and @yes_magazine


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