Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Remembering The 90's on National Geographic Channel's New Show

National Geographic Channel celebrates the glory of the 90's with a new documentary series. I like watching docu series and 'The 90's: The Decade that Connected Us' is an interesting watch for me especially because I'm a 90's baby! The show will remind us of a golden decade of technological, political and entertainment milestones. The show will feature the biggest newsmakers of the 1990's that shocked, wowed and changed the world and helped make it what it was today.

Personally, the 90's was a big part of who I am now. It crafted me and filled me with lots of cultural influences. Who will forget the White House scandal with Monica Lewinsky? The high of grunge music and the rise of Viagra? The release of Nelson Mandela from prison? Who didn't dance to the tune of Macarena and sang along with the Spice Girls? In my childhood, I was hooked with 'Sarah Ang Munting Prinsesa', 'Gimik', Alanis Missette and got crazy with the Jolina Magdangal-Marvin Agustin love team, I collected Pokemons and dressed as Sailor Moon and who did not played with their Tamagochis?

'The 90's: The Decade that Connected Us All' will use memorable video footages from that decade along with interviews from unsung heroes and popular personalities from different fields. Catch this show only on the National Geographic Channel every Thursday at 9pm. I was at the premiere party for the show last September 18, 2014 and it was a cool event. We danced to the 90's music with mix of current beats and had our photos taken with Cosplayers dressed as the Sailor Soldiers, Power Rangers, Baywatch lifeguards and even Ash and his Pikachu was there. What is your favorite 90's memory? Sound-off your thoughts!  Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @Dsweetbox

Photos from the Show's Premiere Party:


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