Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ruru Madrid Paired with Ashley and Gab in 'My Destiny'

One of GMA Network's top rater is 'My Destiny' starring Carla Abellana, Tom Rodriguez, Rhian Ramos and Lorna Tolentino. But the love triangle between Carla, Tom and Rhian are not the only thing that televiewers are hooked into. The younger ones namely Ruru Madrid, Gabrielle Garcia and Ashley Ortega are also making the buzz.

Paul (Ruru Madrid) found himself rebelling due to his parents' separation. More complex arise as best friends Nicole (Gabrielle Garcia) and Alex (Ashley Ortega) are dragged in Paul's issues. The love traingle begins when Nicole falls short as a girlfriend to Paul who will find comfort to Alex which will make them closer.

I met the three young stars recently and had a chat with them. As always, Ruru is sweet and 'makulet'. He kept on making 'kulet' to Ashley and Gabrielle during the interview which made the event more fun. That was the first time I met Ashley and Gabrielle, I find Ashley as someone who can be a great Kontrabida in the future, she has the classy looks for it while Gabrielle is a future beauty queen with a towering height and big smile. The three of them looks good together and the mix are interesting, you have handsome guy, a morena and a mestiza. Surely, this three will make a loyal fan base.

Catch these three and follow their love traingle nightly on 'My Destiny' only on GMA's primetime block.


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