Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sarap!: SumoSam-Where Every Dish is a Taste of Japan

I love to eat! And I'm sure you too. One of the best thing about eating is aside from satisfying our cravings is that we also experience other people's culture and SumoSam is an expert in that. I love Japanese food especially Sushi and Sashimi and SumoSam has the biggest Maki I've ever seen! Totally satisfying.

SumoSam has been around for nine years now and was founded by Marvin Agustin, Raymond Magdaluyo and Ricky Laudico. SumoSam is a Japanese restaurant with American sized servings, they have a wide array of food selection. Sushi, Tempura, Donburi and Ramen are among SumoSam's popular dishes. I tried their newly re-opened Shangri La branch and Owners Marvin Agustin and Ricky Laudico was there to dine with us (fellow bloggers). 

Ricky Laudico & Marvin Agustin:

One of the good things about SumoSam is that they adjust to their customers. They constantly change to meet the demands of their customers and to provide diners quality Japanese authenticity. They also have in-house Japanese chefs, all trained with the strictest and proper Japanese cooking techniques. 

I've tasted some of SumoSam's Japanese cuisines and I can totally say that SumoSam provides the real Japanese experience without leaving the Philippines. I know people who travel to Japan just to taste Japanese food but with SumoSam you don't need to leave Manila. You have to try their 'Best Sellers' and 'Sensei's Recommended' dishes.

I fell in love with this resraurant that I even brought my mom to SumoSam Mall of Asia for her birthday! With 27 branches nationwide, you too should try SumoSam where every dish is a taste of Japan. 

With my mom and bestfriend at SumoSam Mall of Asia:


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