Friday, October 10, 2014

DChatbox: 'Dading' Cast Testimonials to Each Other

One of GMA's gem in the afternoon block is the gender bender drama series 'Dading'. It stars Gabby Eigenmann in the lead role, this is Gabby's first ever lead in a teleserye. We visited the set of 'Dading' and had a chat with the cast, Gabby mentioned that he really appreciated GMA's decision to give him the role, Gabby worked hard every taping day and made sure that he will portray the 'Dading' character well.

The soap also stars Benjamin Alves, Chynna Ortaleza and Glyza de Castro. 'Dading' has a small cast and that can be the reason why these actors are so close to each other. They do see each other outside of work and even confide in each other and ask for advise. Chynna and Glaiza are the closest, as they explained, they have a common personality and interests. But what bond these four together is food, They all love to eat!

'Dading' will end today but the friendship between Glaiza, Benjamin, Chynna and Gabby will surely last. Watch the testimonials of these four to each other below! Catch 'Dading' finale on GMA afternoon prime today after 'The Half Sisters'


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