Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pa-Review-Review Pa!: Nora Aunor's Eyes on 'Dementia'

One horror film you have to watch is 'Dementia'. Directed by Perci Intalan, 'Dementia' is the story of Mara (Nora Aunor) who is diagnosed with 'Dementia' and her family brought her to her hometown in the hope of jogging her memory. One creepy thing about her is that she starts to see things that only she can see. Her young niece, Rachel (Jasmine Curtis) is the only one who begins to wonder if Mara is just seeing things because of her 'Dementia' or something really is with them.

I don't easilly get scared when watching horror movies and I had high hopes with the film. 'Dementia' impressed me, I love the execution of the scenes and how direk Perci managed to play with the story. The Cinematography is breathtaking, you will see how beautiful Batanes is.

Nora Aunor is the true star in this movie. She has less dialogues but her eyes will move you, her eyes alone will tell the story. Chynna Ortaleza is the next to watch out for, her portrayal of Olivia will haunt you and her scene with Jasmine on the bed will scare you at the edge of your seat!

Although the plot is predictable (like most horror movies are) 'Dementia' has something up it's sleeves. You have to see the ending because it will explain everything! like (spoilers!) Mara's true character before 'Dementia' consumed her, it will explain why Yul servo hates her and what really happened between Mara and Olivia. These points are the reasons why I posted this review this late!

Over-all, 'Dementia' is a must watch. If you're looking for a good Pinoy horror scare, it's not a waste of money. 'Dementia' is still showing so catch it guys!

Below is my interview with Chynna Hortaleza as she talks about 'Dementia', her scary character Olivia and Nora Aunor.


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