Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pa-Review-Review Pa!: Reasons to Watch Gino M. Santos' '#Y'

After releasing 'Hari ng Tondo' and 'The Janitor', two of Cinemalaya 2014's highly commended films, Star Cinema once again brings another indie film into commercial release. '#Y' is Cinemalaya X's Top Box-Office under the New Breed category. It is a film by Gino M. Santos, a young film maker who's not new in the indie scene. He is best known as the director of 'The Animal' and GMA's 'The Tim Yap Show'. I've seen '#Y' during it's Cinemalaya run and I've been wishing ever since for this film to be released commercially. It is because I really think that '#Y' deserves a larger audience. Reasons to Watch #Y : 

- Gino M. Santos successfully voiced out a very relevant issue about the youth today. 
- Kit Thompson is a revelation.
- Elmo Magalona is a surprise, he broke his teeny-bopper image in a nice and sexy way. 
- Chynna Ortaleza is moving! You will not actually think it was her over the phone. Her chemistry with Elmo was brilliant. 
- Sophie Albert is a star on the rise. 
- Slater Young had the nice twist from his character 
- Coleen Garcia is the most outstanding of them all. 

Fave '#Y' line: 'When There's Smoke, There's Someone Smoking'- Janna 

Catch '#Y' as it opens on December 10, 2014 in theaters nationwide. Follow me on Instagram- @Dsweetbox and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel- Iyane Escarpe.

Watch my exclusive chat with '#Y' stars Elmo Magalona and Coleen Garcia below. Taken during the Cinemalaya X opening ceremony at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. I also added videos from the presscon for the commercial release of the film, taken recently at ABS-CBN. See you all this December 10 guys!



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