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Pa-Review-Review Pa!: 2014's Best RomCom, 'That Thing Called Tadhana'

Part of this year's Cinema One Originals Film Festival is Tonete Jadaone's 'That Thing Called Tadhana'. A Rom-Com that tells the story of Mace (Angelica Panganiban), a soon-to-be-heart-broken girl who met Anthony (JM de Guzman) in an airport, the latter offered help by giving his extra 'luggage allowance' to Mace, when they returned from Rome, Mace is now a broken-hearted girl and Anthony became his shoulder to cry on. The two took the longest day (and the shortest moving on phase) in their lives by spending time with each other and rediscover a kind love that they may only experience once.

'There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.'- F.Scott Fitzgerald

The movie is a feel good one. No dull moment, no 'waley' jokes, no non-sense statements. Every time the two characters will give it's audience something to think about or something to absorb, you will just smile and then agree then remember something from your own experiences then smile again, then smile more. That's the magic of director Tonete Jadaone. She will make sure that you will enjoy her film and take something from it after you watch it. I became an instant fan of Jadaone.

Angelica Panganiban is enjoyable in this film. This is the best I've seen of her. Her acting was so natural and full of charisma. You will relate to her, laugh with her and even shed a tear with her. Her portrayal of Mace will stick with me (and you!) for years.

JM de Guzman made a good comeback in this movie. 'Ampogi-pogi' nya sa movie na'to! He made all the girls (and all the boys) kilig all throughout the film. He doesn't need to exert lots of dramatic skills in portraying the role of Anthony. It only requires his natural approach and charisma.

Both Angelica and JM oozed with chemistry in the entire duration of the movie. Direk Tonete made a good job in doing that. From the beginning til the end, you will not let go of the two characters. You will root for something that we all know may or may not happen.

What I Liked About 'That Thing Called Tadhana':
- The romantic-comedy element of the film is natural and not forced. 
- I like the airport scene at the beginning, the airplane scene where Mace was watching 'One More Chance', when Mace took a peek at Anthony's quoteTATOOunquote, their videoke scene (Yes, I downloaded 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go' after watching the movie! And I'm sure you will!), the trip to Baguio, everything in Baguio, the Sagada, I love the 'Aakbay o hindi aakabay' moment, OK yes, I love everything from the movie!
-  I love the beautiful over looking view, thank you direk Tonete for giving me the feeling of like I was also there watching the view! Great Cinematography indeed!
- I love the short story of 'The Arrow with a Heart pierced Through it' and how it became part of the story. That short story should become an actual book!
- The best bonus? Hearing Up Dharma Down's 'Tadhana' during the end credits.

Over-all, 'That Thing Called Tadhana' is a film to watch. It may not have a big budget, a big of stellar cast, a deep storyline or even Vice Ganda to make it funnier (and bank a lot of ticket sales). But this movie is a great watch for all who fell in love, got heart broken, then fell in love again, You know...Tatanga-tanga! 

Congratulations to team 'That Thing Called Tadhana' for giving us the best rom-com I've seen this year! Yet!!

Catch it's Cinema One Originals Film Festival run til November 18, 2014. And I really hope for a commercial run, I want more people to see this film!

Good news! Catch the commercial run of 'That Thing Called Tadhana' on February 4, 2014 in cinemas nationwide. Distributed by Star Cinema.

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