Saturday, December 27, 2014

MMFF 2014 Awards Night Winners

Oh well, the above photo is not the official list of winners but my predictons. The Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Night will happen tonight at the PICC and I will update you guys with the official list. 'Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles' is the entry with the most buzz in terms of technical awards while Lotlot de Leon and Jennylyn Mercado are my best bets to win and the netizens agree. Follow me on Instagram- @Dsweetbox for MMFF updates.


Best Float: Bonifacio Best Sound recording: Bonifacio, wildsound
Best Musical score: Bonifacio
Them song: Bonifacio-'Hindi pa tapos' Gloc 9
Best Child performer: Ryzza Mae Dixon -'My Big Bossing'
Best Makeup Artist: Kubot
Best Visual effects: Kubot
Best Production Design: Kubot
Best Editor: Marya Ignacio- 'English Only Please
Best Cinematography: Carlo Mendoza- Bonifacio
Face of the Night: Nadine lustre
FPJ Memorial Award of Excellence:
Best Supporting Actor: Joey Marquez- Kubot
Best Supporting Actress: Lotlot De Leon- Kubot
Best Story: Antonette Jadaone- English Only Please
Best Screenplay: Antonette Jadaone English Only Please
Best Director: Dan villegas- English Only Please
Gatpuno Villegas Cultural Award- Bonifacio

Best picture:
3rd- Kubot
2nd- English Only Please
Festival Best Picture- Bonifacio
Best Actor- Derek Ramsay
Best Actress- Jennylyn Mercado

Any thoughts?


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