Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kapuso Birthdays- Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia's Sweet Exchanges

GMA Artist Center always make sure that their Kapuso talents will have a special and memorable birthdays. In this tradition, the December celebrants Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia made a trip to Malabon University to celebrate their birthdays. Gabbi and Ruru sang for the crowd and visited each booth to interact with the students. There was a marriage booth, free hug booth, jail booth, Instagram booth, VTR booth and even a job fair for graduating students.

Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia, AKA GabRu sat down with us, bloggers and we talked about their love team. Their tandem is an up and coming one and after their successful team-up in 'My Destiny' and 'Seasons of Love'. A follow-up teleserye is set to star the two, a project that GMA will entrust them. The GabRu tandem is starting to build an army of followers and it shows during their trip to Malabon University. All the girls and all the boys went gaga when the two went on stage and perform.

Ruru and Gabbi, both December celebrants, gave gifts to each other and Gabbi mentioned a special effort from Ruru to give her presents for 16 days. They also expressed their birthday wishes to each other and you can see the full details below. Happy birthday guys! Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia's birthdays was made possible by Zagu, Monreo Biscuits, Aquabest, Sweet Escape, Solane, Center for Advance Dentistry, LeDonne, Unisilver Time and GMA Artist Center.


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