Friday, December 26, 2014

Pa-Review-Review Pa!: 'The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin' Wasn't that Amazing But Richard Yap Delivered Good Comedy

The Metro Manila Film Festival once again gathered the brightest stars and the grandest film productions to give us a wide range of movies to watch this Christmas season. One of the entries is Star Cinema's 'The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin'. This year, Benjamin Santos (Vice Ganda) was demoted to be Bimby's nanny as assigned by his new commander Gen.Wilson Chua (Richard Yap). He must convince Bimby to show him where the other bombs are to be the nation's hero once again.

Seeing this year's line-up, by watching the trailers, I already had expectations in mind. This made me decide which one to watch on the first day and what to watch last. Based on it's first box-office installment, the cast and the director, I already know what to expect with 'The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin'. I know I will smile all through out the movie and I know select LOL moments will be given via Vice Ganda and director Wenn Deramas. 

To be honest, I was kinda disappointed with 'The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin'. The first one is still better. I watched it the second day of the MMFF season. Although I was smiling all through out the film as what Wenn Deramas do to me everytime I watch his movies, I was not given lots of LOL moments like the first one gave me. The usual Vice Ganda jokes were still the same. There were also some jokes that were delivered quit long, like the 'Plants vs Zombies' joke at the beginning of the film. The entire beginning of 'The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin' was dedicated just to deliver that joke. The usual brand intrusions was still present and it is kinda annoying. I'm sure you can relate to that. As I always suggest, if you want product intrusions in your movies, do it in a clever way (good example: 'Four Sisters and a Wedding').

Surprisingly, Richard Yap gave me laughs. I never thought he can do comedy this good. His dream sequence with Vice Ganda made me laugh. Alex Gonzaga is also commendable in 'The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin'. I liked all her scenes with Vice Ganda. They have rapport and chemistry, The two of them should do another movie together. The actors I loved from the first film was MIA. Jimmy Santos, who I loved from the first movie was now portrayed by Al Tantay, who, sorry to say, wasn't successful in imitating Jimmy. Vandolph, on the other hand, is in 'The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin' but failed to give me the humor he had from the first movie.

The over-flowing of good-looking guys made me stick to finish 'The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin'. Gerard Garcia has promise! Not to mention that Tom Rodriguez is hot, never mind his annoying ala-Dr.Evil acting. The kids will surely like this movie but the adults, I'm not sure. It depends on someones level of sense of humor, I think. I give 'The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin' a 3 out 5 stars rating.

If you are a big Vice Ganda fan or a die-hard Richard Yap follower, you can still watch 'The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin' as it is still showing in theaters nationwide. Watch our bloggers' con with Richard Yap below where we talked about 'The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin' and more. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram : @Dsweetbox and subscribe to my YouTube channel (Iyane Escarpe).


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