Thursday, December 25, 2014

Pa-Review-Review Pa!: Coco Martin is Exceptional in 'Feng Shui 2'

'Feng Shui' came back to scare the hell out of us this Metro Manila Film Festival season. Master of Horror, director Chito S. Rono once again helmed the sequel to the most successful horror movie of the 2000's. After the events from the first movie, the cursed bagua is now in the possession of a thief named, Lester (Coco Martin). He received uncanny luck from it but little by little realized that it is causing the death of the people around him. He then met Joy (Kris Aquino) the previous owner of the bagua. The two of them along with the first owner, Lily (Cherry Pie Picache) must find a way to break the now stronger curse of the bagua before everybody that they love dies.

I got excited when I heard that 'Feng Shui' will have a sequel and that it'll be part of the 2014 MMFF. I also got nervous, the first 'Feng Shui' is hard to beat, but with Chito Rono on the stirring wheel, I managed to just wait and see how it will surprise, scare and amaze me.

The first half of 'Feng Shui' was great. Coco Martin did great during his scenes and he managed to scare the audience even though it is hard for a straight guy to show fear on the big screen. Kudos to Coco Martin for giving an awesome job in this one. I liked how director Chito Rono played with his camera on 'Feng Shui 2'. Great orchestration in the flooded area of Malabon and others may not like it but I love the grainy texture of the screen.

By the time Kris Aquino's character was introduced, the dilemma started. Product intrusions was all over (the light bulbs that Kris endorsed even has its own stroyline!). Audience will surely relate to me, that this kind of ads during a movie is kinda annoying and sometimes make us lose focus on the film. As I always say, if you will use product intrusions on your movies, make it clever! Learn from 'Four Sisters and a Wedding'! 

I love Cherry Pie here, short but notable portrayal. I was actually looking forward in seeing her in the sequel. The death scenes were also kinda not like the first 'Feng Shui'. It lacks excitement and creativity. I was waiting for a 'Lotlot de Leon kinda death scene/moment'  (If you don't get what I mean, it was that so memorable death scene of Lotlot from 'Feng Shui 1') but sad to say, it never came. 

(SPOILER) I also got confused on why Joy (Kris) is still alive, she's not the current owner of the bagua, Lester (Coco) is. And that ending, why did Joy had that reaction? Anyway, My fave death scene this time is the one with Carmi Martin. Also, I get it already, I know how to stop the curse but all throughout the film it keeps on telling me again and again how to do it.

'Feng Shui 2' still managed to give its audience lots of 'scream moments' but it never surpass the original. (SPOILER) The twist at the end with Beauty Gonzales was even predictable since they showed a scene of Coco sending it (the bagua) to her via text. The promise of a trilogy is nice but I think I won't be that excited anymore. Put Lotlot de Leon back!

Over-all, 'Feng Shui 2' is still a good watch. Especially if you're a fan of horror movies or just simply love Coco Martin. I still think 'Feng Shui 2' is a nice movie to see this MMFF season and your money will not go to waste, unless you expect too much from it (like me).

I also added here videos from our bloggers' con with Coco Martin, writer Roy Iglesias and director Chito Rono.

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