Thursday, December 25, 2014

Pa-Review-Review Pa!: 'Kubot-The Aswang Chronicles 2' Better than 'TikTik'

I love horror movies! And knowing that there are three horror entries in this year's Metro Manila Film Festival made me excited. One of the horror film to watch out this MMFF season is 'Kubot-The Aswang Chronicles 2' starring DIngdong Dantes. Directed by Erik Matti, 'Kubot-The Aswang Chronicles 2' will start off from where 'TikTik' left. By the way, 'TikTik' was the first part of The Aswang Chronicles. If you haven't seen it, no worries, a nice prologue will be shown. The characters of Makoy and the rest must leave Pulupandan after the incidents from the first movie, a shocking scene will unfold that will change everything.

This is better than 'Tiktik'! Director Erik Matti managed to mix an ample amount of horror and gore with dark-good humor. I love all the jokes from the movie. My mouth was open the whole time with amazement and laughter. Most notable character is the one portrayed by Lotlot de Leon, she is the main character to watch out for in this film. No doubt, she will bag an award for her portrayal in 'Kubot-The Aswang Chronicles 2'. She is now my bet to win the 'Best Supporting Actress Award! I also liked the characters of KC Montero, the cono Aswang, and Elizabeth Oropesa, the elderly Kubot. They portrayed their characters well.

Dingdong Dantes was kinda different here in the sequel, we don't see the usual jerk but a more reserve Makoy. Well, that is part of the story, to not show that side of him until the near end of the movie. I love the movie's opening credits, LOL. The comedians are the big reason this movie is a huge LOL for me. Jun Sabaytones, Joey Marquez, Bogart the Explorer and Ramon Bautista gave me the best LOls. That mobile app scene at the prison is epic! 'pwede may missile?'

I also liked the song sung by Abra and Julie Anne San Jose entitled 'Dedma', it's so catchy. The cinematography and the editing in 'Kubot-The Aswang Chronicles 2' are also commendable. Nice lighting and I liked that they don't rely so much on green screens this time. The CG department needs some improvements but those are forgivable since the movie in a whole is awesome. I suggest for you to watch 'Kubot-The Aswang Chronicles 2' and not miss it since we will see more of it soon! The Aswang Chronicles is now an official franchaise from GMA Films and Reality Entertainment. Ratings: 5/5

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