Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Day I Visited the Set of 'Hiram na Alaala'

It was a nice Wednesday afternoon when me and fellow bloggers left GMA Network and went to the set of their teleserye 'Hiram na Alaala'. The soap opera that stars Dennis Trillo, Rocco Nacino, Lauren Young and Kris Bernal. We arrived at the set and was in good timing since they were shooting 'The Pamamanhikan' scene with Dennis Trillo and Kris Bernal.

At that point of the teleserye, Andrea (Kris Bernal) is fully convinced that Ivan (Dennis Trillo) is Otep (Rocco Nacino). Andrea, AKA Andeng by the loving fans of HNA, is about to get married to Ivan who is actually suffering from a rare kind of amnesia called 'Dissiociative Fuge'. Ivan is under the mentality that he is Otep.

The set of 'Hiram na Alaala' is cozy and light. No stressed around the set and Direk Dominic Zapata is very accommodating. We talked to him how he handles the teleserye in terms of style, and he said that he is in the part of directing the teleserye where he waits for it to boil. Just like cooking, you need to put the ingredients in a timely manner to have the perfect finish product. Direk Dom is not in a hurry, the soap opera is fast-paced, but he liked it to be not too fast-paced. 

We also talked to some of the secondary cast like Julia Lee, Shyer and Kenneth Paul Cruz. The three said that being part of 'Hiram na Alaala' is a great experience. Not only that they have a stellar cast but because the teleserye is an intelligent one story wise.

One of the main event that night was when we sat down with Kris Bernal. She let out her 'kikaynes' and 'feelings' on his leading man Dennis Trillo. She expressed how she likes Dennis, not just a leading man but also as a normal guy. She said that Dennis is her crush ever before she started showbiz. But the Kapuso actress lacks confident and said that Dennis may not be into him since the latter's ex-girlffriends are all tall and has fair skin. Good thing, Julia was there to boost Kris' confidence by telling her that Kris has her own unique beauty, on which I agree.

By the time Dennis sat down with us with Kris Bernal, We started mocking the two and a fun chat begun. Kris was very uncomfortable with 'kilig' besides Dennis. Dennis on the other hand played-along with us. It was always great to see Dennis, a nice guy with no bad attitude and no qualms. Dennis discussed to us his future dreams in the industry. He wants to be part of film making  in a more in depth action. He likes Cinematography and even directing. He mentioned that he plans to study film to hone his craft. This is because Dennis believes that the Pinoy filmmaking industry has a lot to offer, a lot to improve.

You can watch all our fun interviews with the cast of 'Hiram na Alaala' below. Also, check out the photos from our set visit by going to my Facebook page HERE! Don't forget to watch 'Hiram na Alaala' nightly on GMA Primetime block. Also, follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Dsweetbox and please subscribe to my YouTube channel for exclusive interviews and videos. Thank you GMA Network for our HNA set visit!


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