Saturday, January 10, 2015

Andi Eigenmann on Jake & KC: 'I do not care!'

One of the few actresses I like to answer questions is Andi Eigenmann. She is always straight to the point and will never beat around the bush. She will give you direct answers and true answers from her heart. During the premiere night of her new movie 'Tragic Theater', Andi answered questions about her current heart issues with ex-boyfriend Jake Ejercito. Andi gave her thoughts on the possibility of reuniting with Jake and Andi simply answers:

'Masakit kasi 'yung naranasan ko sa kanya, and ayoko na, natatakot ako na bumalik ako baka maulit.'

She also gave her fierce answer when asked about KC del Rosario, Jake's current 'girl' and part of the reason why Jake and Andi broke-up. Andi just smiled and said:

'Hindi ko alam, wala akong alam, I do not care!'

I love Andi! And I liked her new movie 'Tragic Theater', an excorcism film directed by Tikoy Aguiluz. Andi scared a lot of movie goers and you can experience it too! 'Tragic Theater' is now showing nationwide, from Viva Films. Watch the videos below from the premiere night of 'Tragic Theater' and to also see how Andi answered all the questions fired at her.

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