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My Top 13 Fave Music Videos from the 2014

2014 was the year with lots of great music, both foreign and OPM and as a yearly tradition, I will now present to you my favorite music videos from the year 2014. As always, my selections are a mixed of genres. I based my top thirteen on creativity, visuals and most importantly, repeat value. Check out mine, and tell me what's yours in the comments box below.

13. RuPaul- 'Sissy That Walk'
As always, I have RuPaul in my list. This one has some sickening visuals and a lavish amount of gayness. Not to mention that my fave drag race queen, Bianca del Rio is in it. Check out the queens in 'Sissy That Walk'. P.S I love walking on treadmills.

12. Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars- 'Uptown Funk'
This funky music keeps on playing on repeat now. Aside from the fact that Bruno Mars is sexy (drunk) dancing in this music video, I love the funkiness of this music video. And please don't tell me you didn't tried those dance steps Bruno's doing!

11. Ed Sheeran- 'Thinking Out Loud'
I liked Ed Sheeran even before this music video came out, but seeing Ed Sheeran dance, oh my heaven, I fell in love with him. LOL. The well choreograph dance routine plus the intimacy of it made it to my top picks. Not to mention that his partner is really beautiful and sexy and yes I kinda wish I was her.

10. Zedd ft. Matthew Koma, Miriam Bryant- 'Find You'

I love the cinematography on this one. Not to mention the play on graphics and lesbian love story made me play this video over and over. And, you know this comment is coming...Zedd is uber hot!

9. Meghan Trainor- 'All About that Bass'

I know, don't deny it. You tried dancing using the choreography from this music video. And yes I'm talking to you,! LOL. I love the glossy and sweet colors from Meghan's video and not to mention that this song made her popular. I love dancing to this one, and yes, with those dance steps!

8. Abra ft. Julie Anne San Jose- 'Dedma'
The first OPM (Original Pinoy Music) on my list is Abra's soundtrack to 'Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2'. The chorus with Julie Anne gives me LSS (Last Song Syndrome) and the dark and sociopolitical theme made me liked it. 

7. Moko- 'Your Love'
I'm a sucker for one shot trick music videos, and you will see some of them on this list. First of them is Moko's 'Your Love'. I watched this video multiple times and I always love how it was executed. Simple but I was amazed...OK, it's the hair, it's the hair I was amazed! LOL.

6. Nicki Minaj- 'Anaconda'
It's raining buns in this music video of Minajesty bumbum, Nicki Minaj. I've never seen any music videos with lots of derriere. Whatever size of buns you are looking for, Minajesty have them here. Start twerking those butts.

5. Sarah Geronimo- 'Kilometro'
Sarah G. really up her game this time by releasing this music video. It showed more of her range, maturity and versatility. At first, I never recognized her voice when I first heard this song. The music video, however has lots of K-Pop inspired aspects into it. Kudos, Sarah G.

4. Brooke Candy- 'Opulence'
My mouth was open the whole time I was watching this music video. I'm sure you will too! Move over Lady Gaga, someone here knows how to use those glitters, wigs and bling blings better than you. 

3. Childish Gambino ft. Problem- 'Sweatpants'
I told you earlier, I'm a sucker for one shot trick music videos and this one is kinda the same but made differently. Gambino is so narcissistic in this music video. LOL. I dare you not to say 'that's sickening, man!' (well, you won't say it that way but you know what I want you to say!) after watching this one.

2. Taylor Swift- 'Blank Space'
No Taylor Swift 'break-up' song is good unless it has a great music video. Taylor Swift's play on character on this music video are both funny and weird (in a good way). Please put some horse in my bed room!

1. Sia- 'Chandelier'
No music video from the year 2014 will ever beat Sia's 'Chandelier'. The moment I watched this music video, I already found my number one fave MV of the year. With a hunting song, an over the top artsy choreography and weird production design, Sia clearly beat the others in this list, ten folds. And hey, it's also a one shot trick music video! Thanks to my friend, for introducing me to this track. Applause for the girl on the video, Maddie Ziegler and bow down to Sia for having this music video.

There you go, my top thirteen fave music videos of 2014. Do you have your faves on the list? Thanks for visiting and 'til next time. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @Dsweetbox and subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Iyane Escarpe. I'll go ahead and swing on some chandeliers now.

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