Thursday, January 1, 2015

The DJs of 'Boys Night Out' Screams 'I Need Space'

Books are now so popular. Celebrities, teachers, ordinary teens and even politicians now published their own books and surprisingly, made lots of money from it! Some even got lucky that it was made into movies. This time, the DJ's of 'Boys Night Out' joined the bandwagon and released 'I Need Space'. A self-help book for the boys who love to 'love' and who love to 'love to more than one'! DJ Tonytoni, DJ Slick Rick and DJ Sam YG collaborated to bring the ultimate book for the boys.

I talked to the gang and we had a fun chat about their book and how it will 'help' a lot of boys out there. It's an easy-to-read book with a nice touch of cleverness into it. You have to read it in different pages, depending on your own decisions how to move forward with it. You may end in a very nice advice from the DJs or if you're a playboy who doesn't know how to get away with 'playboy problems' you may end up in the 'Bahala ka na sa Buhay mo!' page. With chapters entitled '#HuliKaBalbon', '#SanaSinabiKo. #CommittmentIssues' or '#ILoveYouBut', boys will truly relate to this book. Even I, an awesome gay guy, relates to it!

Published by Viva Psicom, 'I Need Space' will truly tickle your 'playboy mind' and your 'carinoso side' and the DJs of boys night out will teach you a thing or two on how to nicely treat (or not) your girl and will teach you what true love really feels. Get your copy now guys! For the girls, buy one for your dudes. It's now out on your favorite bookstores.

Watch our fun chats with DJ Tonytoni, DJ Slick Rick and DJ Sam YG below. Thanks for the time guys and for the signed copy of the book! I enjoyed it! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @Dsweetbox and subscribe to my YouTube Channel (Iyane Escarpe).


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