Monday, February 9, 2015

Julian Trono Conquers Korea

Young Kapuso dancer Julian Trono is now in Korea to try his luck in the K-Pop scene. GMA Artist Center joined forces with JU Entertainment to groom Julian and be the next K-Pop sensation. Julian secretly trained under the supervision of JU while in the Philippines, it took him almost a year to finish the training and now, just recently, he flew to Korea to debut his first Asian single entitled 'Wiki Me'.

I managed to talk to Julian before he fly to Korea during his fans assembly day. Julian was so excited and at the same time nervous. Personally, I am proud of what Julian had achieved and I also wish him the best. He actually got the Korean star appeal and he studied how K-Pop stars do their dance routines which Julian mentioned was very different from any discipline he learned here in the Philippines.

Hopefully, Julian successfully penetrates the K-Pop scene just like Sandara Park. If this experiment became a success, Julian will be the first Pinoy artist to do it and JU Entertainment promises that more Pinoy artists will follow Julian if that happens.

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