Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Day I Visited Maja Salvador and Dennis Trillo at the Shoot of 'Still the One'

One of my dream tandem to see on the big screen finally came true. Maja Salvador and Dennis Trillo will star in Regal Films' upcoming romantic-comedy movie, 'Still the One' (working title). I always adore Maja's humbleness and Dennis' kindness every time I see them and I experienced that once again when I visited the two at the set of 'Still the One'.

Avenida was the location and me with fellow blogger friends (@elysplanet, @supermorgy, @mj_DeLeon and @chikkanessave) paid them a visit. I was actually excited since I'm a huge Dennis and Maja supporter. They were preparing for a scene when we came, putting their wigs and make-up. The setting was the 90's and that explains the wigs (just in case you're wondering). Maja and Dennis greeted us with sweet smiles then we accompanied them at the location scene and watched them do a big scene. Maja kept on checking to see if we look tired already, how sweet. The location was so old Manila, it was kinda creepy actually but I don't mind. My fave people are there!

We then sat down with them for an interview and I noticed no awkwardness between them. Well, that's not impossible, Maja is so approachable and easy to talk to that even a shy type like Dennis will want to be closer to her. It was a short but fun chat and it made my day.

Thank you Maja, Dennis and Regal Films for making this day possible. I will surely wait and watch your movie. Directed by Chris Martinez, 'Still the One' is soon to hit theaters nationwide. Watch our chat with Maja and Dennis below where we talked about the movie, their working relationship and their Valentine's Day plans. By the way, make Dennis Trillo your Valentine date as he will guest on Jennylyn Mercado's concert on February 13th. Visit for concert tickets and details.

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