Monday, May 25, 2015

'A Sense of Right and Wrong'-The Other Side of Ping Lacson

One of the most controversial Senator in our politics right now is Ping Lacson. Being in the eyes of both politics and showbiz, Ping faces both hard pounding and harsh bashing. I'm not a big fan of Philippine politics but I mostly know Ping Lacson for his showbiz affiliations.

In 2000, his life-story was made into film in 'Ping Lacson: Super Cop' starring the late Rudy Fernandez. His controversial 'fugitive' chapter was fictionalized by Robin Padilla in '10,000 Hours' (which for me was one of the best movie of 2013). His son, Pampi, was romantically involed with superstar Jodi Sta.Maria, they have one son, Thirdy. Pampi is now the husband of Kapuso actress, Iwa Moto. Pampi and Iwa was blessed with a daughter named, Mimi. 

I always hear news about Ping as a hard core crime fighter, wicked conspiracies and black political propagandas. As the saying goes, 'There are two sides to every story'. Thirdy and Mimi are my window to Ping Lacson's other side. The senator is a loving lolo to his two grand kids. He made sure that his two apo will get a well-deserve gift whenever the two make 'lambing' to him, he even bring them to his charity events, bring them to Disneyland and spoil them with gifts.

'I must admit to giving tough lolo love at all times...' the senator said in one of his interviews.
'Yes, I get to be strict at times sa mga anak at apo ko, pero 'yun na nga, I want to show them how to live life with a sense of right and wrong.' he added.

You must be wondering why me, an entertainment blogger, writing about Ping Lacson? It was the other day when I saw an ad on TV about Ping (video below). I said, well maybe it's time for me to be a little different, I thought of blogging about politicians who I think can serve well in our country. A little contribution that I can do to our community. Ping, someone who declined his pork barrel, a benefit that a politician will have a hard time not receiving, is a clear indication of a no non-sense public servant. The 'lovingly tough lolo', believes if one has a sense of right and wrong, it will leave a mark. #PLNaisNgBayan

photo credits to ping lacson and chikkanessave.
video upload credits to YouTube: pinglacson


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