Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Day I Visited the Set of 'No Boyfriend Since Birth' with Tom and Carla

One of the most successful tandem of today is the love team of Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana. The reel and real sweethearts are now busy filming their latest movie under Regal Films entitleed, 'NBSB' or 'No Boyfriend Since Birth'.

 I visited the set of 'NBSB' with fellow blogger friend John of, we chatted with director Joey Reyes, who for the first time in a many years will direct a movie that he did not wrote. I am used to see a movie which is written and at the same time directed by Joey Reyes. This time he said that it's time for him to help his predecessors, his students, his friends. 'NBSB' is written by Noringai (Buti pa ang Roma may Papa, Parang Kayo Pero Hindi).

The set had a chill vibe. No stress and no staff running around and shouting. Direk Joey managed to behave his crew and work in a productive and fun way. We sat with Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana, the stars of 'NBSB' and we talked about the movie, thier characters, how they relate to them and for how long they were 'single' before having their first boyfriend/girlfriend.

'NBSB' is set to open on theaters this September. Check out the webisode of DChatbox with Tom and Carla below and sound-off your comments below.

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