Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Featured Hunk: Chris Pratt and His Muscles for Men's Health

The Alpha, Chris Pratt shows off his action hero arms and pretty good looks on the cover of Men's Health Magazine, July 2015 Issue. Once a fat guy, the Jurassic World bad-ass shared some stories about his weight:

“I can tell that people are motivated by my transformations, and that feels really good. But everyone should know when the movie star stuff is over, I might go back to being the fat guy. My wife wants a pizza oven—she’s going to learn how to bake bread, and I’m going to eat it. I love the health benefits of exercising, and I have a kid now. By exercising, you really can add 20, 30 years to your life. But you gotta live too, so hopefully I’ll find a nice balance.”

He also shared some on putting up some weight after 'Zero Dark Thirty':
“I was like, ‘I feel kind of s—ty about myself right now. I knew I had to get back on a path to becoming fit again, that I was going to make a splash when I walked into a room with a casting director from then on.”

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photos and excerpts credits to men/s health magazine.


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