Monday, June 8, 2015 is Your New Online Flee Market

If you're an online shopper, a gadget geek, a shopaholic or a tiangge hunter, there's a new online shop for you to check out! is an online flee market that caters to different people. offer extensive selections on imported goods. For gadget savvy, they have a wide array of USB, USB cords, car chargers, Micro SD memory cards, wireless speakers, Phone holders, headsets, wireless selfie sticks, phone cases and phone stands. These goodies has good quality, durability, elegance and affordability. And that's just for techies alone.

They have departments like Fashion, Health and Beauty, appliances, movies, books, music , and even groceries for mommy shoppers! This June, offers a new campaign where in you can pre-order for less. This will run until June 9, 2015. Pre-order and get the best bargain price. Pre-order privileges will only last until June 09, 2015 at exactly 4:00 pm and you can enjoy up to 97% discount on select goods

Those who will pre-order will be the first people who will experience the partner manufacturer’s interpretation of quality in aesthetic value and practical application. For the first edition of Tiangge, they will cover the basic extensions or peripherals for optimized Smartphone usage. 

Create your very own profile to pre-order today. Join the bazaar, spread the word and get to experience the finest online wholesale deals in the country. I will have my own shopping cart and I'll see you online guys, Happy shopping!


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