Friday, June 26, 2015

PBB 737 Housemate: Edward Kyle Secades-The Mr.Nice Guy

Kyle is one of the cutest inside the current season of Pinoy Big Brother. The 'Mr.Nice Guy of San Juan' has an inspiring story to tell. One that a lot will relate, and a lot can be inspired. Kyle was once a fat kid, got bullied because of it and was motivated to lose weight. Check out what his PBB 737 profile says more about his story:

You may find Kyle's confident smile and boyish good looks familiar because of his print and tv ads. But the confidence you see in Kyle right now wasn't always there. Growing up, Kyle was on the heavy set, he wasn't getting good grades in school and had low self-esteem. Until one day, Kyle decided to do something about his weight so that his crush would notice him.  

Since his weight loss, Kyle developed better self confidence, his grades improved, he started getting booked for commercials and earning to help with his family's finances, and his crush is no longer just a crush, but already his girlfriend for ten months now.

Can Kyle manage to win the title of being the next PBB big winner? Were you inspired by his story? Sound-off your comments below and do follow me on Twitter & Instagram: @Dsweetbox ans subscribe to my You Tube channel (username: Iyane Escarpe) for exclusive videos.


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