Saturday, June 20, 2015

PBB 737 Housemate: Karlos Lorenzo 'Kenzo' Gutierrez-The Hot Athlete

My first impression of this guy is that he kinda look like Jak Roberto. Jak is a GMA 7's homegrown talent and is visible in 'The Half Sisters' and 'Walang Tulugan with Master Showman'. Anyway, Kenzo has his own swag and I'm sure he'll amaze us with his talents in the coming days. He is actually a hot item right now as he is being rumored to be an ex-boyfriend of Kapamilya star, Julia Barretto. Check out what his PBB profile says:

Tall, dark, handsome, varsity soccer player, plays the guitar and can sing. You might say that this Blue Eagle is one of those campus jocks who tend to break girls' hearts a lot, but on the contrary, Kenzo doesn't like the idea of making girls cry. 

Two reasons could be accounted for that: Kenzo is the youngest and only boy among five siblings, and his parents are separated. His dad is a businessman, while his mom is a stock broker. You could say that Kenzo is used to living a comfortable life, but being a soccer player, he knows the value of hard work.  

He may also come off as someone suplado, but according to Kenzo, he just tends to be quiet around people he just met, but he can be funny once he starts to warm up with the people around him. 

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