Wednesday, June 17, 2015

PBB 737 Housemates: Bailey May-The Singing Sensation

An online singing sensation, Bailey May of UK is one of the newest housemates of Pinoy Big Brother. The new season of PBB introduced its new housemates, one hopeful at a time with revelation about the featured housemate throughout the day from 'It's Showtime' to 'TV Patrol' to 'Aquino & Abunda Tonight'. Bailey May likes to follow the steps of teen king Daniel Padilla and on his young age, Bailey is already into sports. As his PBB 737 profile says:

This Social Media Singing Sensation got his vocal talent from his British dad and Filipina mom who were both singers in a cruise ship when they met. Bailey was born in Cebu, but has been living in the UK with his family since he was 4yo. He’s into sports (football, basketball, rugby), music and girl watching with his friends (Bailey has never had a girlfriend, though). 

Throughout their seven years in the UK, Bailey and his family has visited his mom’s relatives in Cebu a few times, exposing Bailey to Filipino culture and dishes. In fact, some of Bailey’s favorite food include munggo and puto. And believe it or not, Bailey eats balut, too! On the other hand, speaking in Filipino (Tagalog and Bisaya) was never really practiced in their household so Bailey only knows “konting” Tagalog and “gamay” na Bisaya, which explains the Filipino dictionary in Bailey’s luggage when we rummaged through the stuff that he’ll be bringing inside the Pinoy Big Brother House.

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