Thursday, June 25, 2015

PBB Housemate: Franco Rodriguez-The Musician

One housemate who showed talent and smart skills in the early days of PBB 737 is Franco. The 'Totoy Smiley of Albay' gave an idea that made their 'Airplane Task' easier for them to win. He also has the charms with girls. Although he's being doubted to be gay, Franco's mother defended him and said that Franco has a girlfriend. Franco is one of my fave housemate right now! His charming smile and wacky ways to interact is something that I like watching. Check out what his PBB profile says:

In school, Franco is quite popular not only because of his charming smiley face, but because of his talent in singing and dancing. Franco is also known for being one of the flutist for their school's brass band.
Both Franco's older sisters are studying in Manila while Franco still stays at their parents' home in Albay. Franco usually cleans the house and front yard, and he also does the cooking whenever his parents are too busy with work . His mom is a government employee, while his dad has a small piggery, where Franco owns one of the pigs.
Franco's life in the province may be simple, and sometimes hard, but he still maintains his good nature positive outlook in life – something his parents has instilled in him and his sisters.
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