Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Vice Ganda Finally Speaks About Valkyrie's 'No Cross Dressing' Policy

At last, the voice that a lot of LGBT are waiting for to speak out finally let out what he really feel about Valkyrie's 'No Cross Dressing' policy. As a celebrity, Vice Ganda became the most well known co-owner of Valkyrie and the 'No cross dressing' policy of Valkyrie is so 'Third World' for him. The elite club has a series of bad publicity from transwomen who were denied access inside the said club.

What can you say on Vice's Twitter rant? A lot are saying that it's a true brave act from Vice but some also ask the question 'why now?' and 'what took him so long?'. Only Vice can answer these questions. Follow me on Twitter & Instagram: @Dsweetbox and subscribe to my You Tube channel (username: Iyane Escarpe) for exclusive videos.

photo credits to owner.


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