Monday, July 13, 2015

Some Sexy Time with the Bubble Shakers

Join the Bubble Shakers & FHM covergirls Sam Pinto, Andrea Torres, Max Collins and Arny Ross in 'Bubble Gang #GMAat65 Facebook Live Q&A".

This is part of the Facebook Q&A series of GMA Network for its 65th anniversary. It'll happen a little later today at 2:30pm, just logon to GMA Network Facebook Page ( 

See y'all guys! This is going to be a sure sexy time with the Bubble Shakers and who knows, they may do a bubble shake dance for you. 

I'm not a part of the Bubble Shakers but I'm as sexy (wink) so do follow me on Twitter & Instagram- @Dsweetbox and SUBSCRIBE to my You Tube channel for exclusive videos.


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