Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Is Bea Alonzo Dating Paulo Avelino?

Bea Alonzo stars in an upcoming Star Cinema movie, 'The Love Affair' and she'll have equal billing with Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta. During the grand press conference for the said film, Bea was asked about her rumored 'affair' with Paulo Avelino. The two worked together before in a teleserye (Sana Bukas pa ang Kahapon) and the two maintained a close friendship.

Bea and Paulo were seen together but Bea denied that it was a 'date'. This generation's movie queen said that it was just a friendly group date and that his boyfriend, Zanjoe Marudo, knows about it. Watch the full video below to hear more about Bea's statement. 'The Love Affair' opens August 12th. Follow me on Twitter & Instagram: @Dsweetbox and subscribe to my You Tube channel (username: Iyane Escarpe) for exclusive videos.


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