Monday, August 17, 2015

ANTM: Guys and Girls 22, Episode 2 Recap

I don't actually know why Tyra Banks and Co. is making the intro episode in three parts? Get on with the competition already. Well, Miss J and Yu Tsai introduced the models to the model house and they had they're first challenge,  Haddasah's the main bitch right now and Bello doesn't like Devin. Mame won the pose-off, Nyle is uber hot and Dustin is hotter. The final 14 will be revelaed next week and the real competition begins. Yes, we have to wait for next week, like we don 't know yet who the final 14 is!

Dustin, Nyle and Justin are still my best male bets and I'm still deciding with the girls. There's no much competition with them, do you think a guy will win this cycle again? Let's wait for the upcoming weeks to see who's girl will emerge to be the alpha. Watch the latest episode of ANTM Cycle 22 below and sound-off your thoughts afterwards.

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video credits to cw.


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