Monday, August 10, 2015

Battle of the Teleseryes: Beautiful Strangers

Today, August 10th, is the day that ABS-CBN and GMA Network will once again do the thing I called 'The Battle of the Teleseryes'. It's not the same as their nightly fight for ratings. Tonight three prime series will premiere and audience will determine which one will emerged to have the most-watched pilot episode.

One of the teleseryes to premiere tonight is GMA Network's 'Beautiful Strangers'. It is a highly-anticipated drama led by two of Kapuso network's prime leading ladies, Heart Evangelista & Lovi Poe. Ther are supported by two of the hottest actors of today, Rocco Nacino and Benjamin Alves. To make this teleserye a top-notch drama series with a big-stellar cast, they bring in Christopher de Leon and returning Kapuso, Dina Bonnevie.

Teleserye Profile:

Strengths:   - Primetime heavy drama at its best
                     - Much awaited Heart-Lovi confrontation scenes
                     - Sexy hunks- Rocco Nacino and Benjamin Alves
                     - The return of Dina Bonnevie in GMA

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