Monday, August 10, 2015

Battle of the Teleseryes: My Faithful Husband

Monday, August 10th, is the day that ABS-CBN and GMA Network will once again do the thing I love to call 'The Battle of the Teleseryes'. It's not the same as their nightly fight for ratings. Tonight, three big teleseryes will premiere and audience will determine which one will emerged to be the most-watched pilot episode.

GMA Network brings back together ex-lovers (and now rumored to be back again) Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo. Among the three teleseryes that will premiere tonight, 'My Faithful Husband' is the most daring and the one with the uncommon plot. We are all used in watching love traingles with the guy doing all the dirty works. This time, Jennylyn Mercado (the wife) is the one who will find love in another man's arms. Dennis Trillo (the husband) is the now the martyr and the one who will go through all the pain and heart aches of adultery.

Teleserye Profile:

Strengths:  - New storyline for the audience
                    -  Steamy scenes from Jennylyn Mercado, Mikael Daez and Dennis Trillo
                    -  Award-Winning actor

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Anonymous said...

This was epic! Would you imagine a show for 30 minutes would make you smile, laugh, cry and would make you feel in love? Superb! Loved the acting of Jennylyn and Dennis!

Anonymous said...

Dennis Trillo is simply amazing!

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