Monday, August 10, 2015

Battle of the Teleseryes: On The Wings of Love

August 10th is the day that ABS-CBN and GMA Network will once again do the thing I called 'The Battle of the Teleseryes'. It's not the same as their nightly fight for ratings. Tonight, three prime series will premiere and televiewers will determine which one will be the most-watched pilot episode.

ABS-CBN has one new teleserye in their roster of drama series. 'On the Wings of Love' is the long-awaited teleserye of James Reid and Nadine Lustre. Known in their unison name, Jadine. James and Nadine traveled to San Francisco to shoot some scenes there for the said teleserye. Fandoms of the two are also making OTWOL's journey trending on social media since day one of this project. On the Wings of Love has the vibe of a Korean drama, light and romantic. With a small cast and big budget, will On the WIngs of Love beat the two new shows from GMA?

Teleserye Profile:

Strengths: - James Reid and Nadine Lustre
                    - Director Antonette Jadaone
                    - Big Budget
                    - Fandoms

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Anonymous said...

I watched the pilot episode last night and it definitely captured my attention. The concept and approach is very fresh. I like the fact that they did not dwell on the characters' childhood too long.. they might show some snippets/backflashes as the show progresses which I will not mind. The concept of love and sacrifice for your loved ones is evident which key in every Filipino family. I loved the fact that it showed the struggles in a realistic sense which makes the show very relevant and relatable. I love the narrative in the beginning and some "hugot lines" as they call it which are lessons we can learn in life and love. Got to give props to the director/ storywriters for that!! I also am so glad that it does not have all the crying, screaming, killing like other series. After a long day of hard work, I definitely cannot stand anymore heavy drama. This definitely put a smile on my face last night. Maybe my thoughts on the show is too premature since this is just one episode. But I am definitely looking forward every night for the story to unfold!! :) Kudos to the cast, directors, dreamscape and abscbn for this new series!

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