Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Julia Montes in 'Doble Kara'

The much awaited return of Julia Montes in a teleserye is now in the works. The Kapamilya Princess already started working on her newest teleserye entitled 'Doble Kara'. She will play a dual role and a challenging one for her. Every time an actress plays a dual role, sometimes even multiple characters, is an accomplishment in their craft. It's the opposite of playing a psycopath for a male actor.

A lot are comparing 'Doble Kara' to Jennylyn Mercado's now defunct teleserye 'Rhodora X'. For me, what's exciting is that Julia Montes will once again tap a kobtrabida persona. I miss her in that kind of character. We have to wait for further details to confirm that. What can you say on Julia Montes' new show? 

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