Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kapuso Birthdays: Barbie Forteza Turns 18 in the Most Humble Way

Barbie Forteza just turned 18 last July 31st and unlike any other girls who dreamed of having a grand debut, she chose to make it simple and just continue her yearly celebration at Philippine Children's Medical Center (PCMC). Barbie has been helping the said institution for the past four years and on her 18th birthday, she decided to adopt-a-room which they renovated and converted to a private room. 

The 'Adopt-A-Room' program of PCMC enables individuals to choose and adopt a private room and be converted to a charity room. Barbie took a huge part in the adopted room along with her GMA Artist Center family and beloved sponsors. Guided by architects Jose Ricky Martinez and Richie Ongtengco.

Barbie's Kapuso birthday project was made possible by BNY, Unisilver Time, Posh Nails, Flawless, BS Mobile, Fruitas, Belladona Bags, Boysen Paint, Happy Haus Donuts, Pizza Pedricos, Kettle Korn, JC Catering, Cris-Carl Stuffed Toys, Megasoft Diapers, Muebles de Cristina Furnitures, Fernando's Bakeshop, Aquabest, Chocovron, Ritz Biscuits, Jao Ming Glutathione, RPKreativ, Dove and Fresh Look Contact Lenses.

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