Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sexy Roles for Coleen Garcia and Derek Ramsay in 'Ex with Benefits'

Another movie that requires Derek Ramsay to be shirtless is coming. Gays hurray! The 'MMFF 2014 Best Actor' is back doing movies for Star Cinema and now, he's being paired to Coleen Garcia. The two will star in 'Ex with Benefits'. A sexy-romantic-drama about...exes. I checked the trailer and I like them being paired, refreshing and full of hotness. I love the theme song by the way!

Coleen and Derek will sexify the big screen with steamy scenes and sexy moments. A daring character for Coleen Garcia who is known to be a wholesome sweetums. They are joined by Meg Imperial, Rayver Cruz and Star Cinema favorite, Carmi Martin. Directed by Gino M. Santos (#Y, The Animal), 'Ex with Benefits' opens September 2nd from Star Cinema and Viva Films.

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video upload and screengrab credits to youtube: abscbnstarcinema


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