Wednesday, August 5, 2015

When Stars Make Patol: Inigo Pascual v Basher

I'm pretty sure that this basher is having the time of her life right now. Sometimes, what bashers want is just to be acknowledge by the one they've been bashing. Effort after efforts, they will do anything to get the attention of the one person they want to annoy. And it looks like this one won. 

Inigo Pascual took time and effort to respond to his basher. Showing some multiple accounts of this said person, Inigo had it and exposed the said netizen. Enter #AnongPinaglalabanTeh, I don't think Inigo should respond to this kind of netizens. It was just a waste of time, why not just respond to positive posts and fan comments. That's more worth his time. 

Do you think Inigo won in this continuous battle of stars v haters. Inigo is just one of these celebrities who gives us entertainment by bashing their bashers. 

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