Sunday, September 13, 2015

ANTM Cycle 22-Episode 6 Recap: Nyle DiMarco Broke His Silence

Here's another round of catfights, hook-ups and great portfolios. In ANTM Guys and Girls Cycle 22, episode 6 entitled 'The Girl Who Gets Possessed', we learned more about the models' personalities, their strenghts and weaknesses. Deaf model, Nyle DiMarco broke his silence by winning the challenge and bagging the best photo of the week. In the end, the home schooled girl went home. Well, her wish was granted as she doesn't like the drama inside the top model house.

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Amercas next top model S22E06 EN INGLES
Episodio 06 ciclo 22 - En ingles / DESCARGA :!Yp1XEDjB!ka8mIL8iiyqzD-zo0hzY7kC03z-9GcqH--q74-JxLGc
Posted by America's Next Top Model Latinoamerica Videos on Wednesday, September 9, 2015


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